Bookeeping and Review Services
To help improve performance while reducing operating costs by managing outsourced transactional activities.
1.    Professional Bookeeping Services which includes data entry
       and monthly up-to-date reports which include:
        a.    Balance Sheet
        b.    Income Statement
        c.    Accounts Receivable
        d.    Accounts Payable
        e.    Bank Reconciliations
2.    Monthly review services to help your internal accountant
       maintain more accurate financial data for decision making.
Financial Statements
Preparation of financial statements depending on your needs:
1.    Audits
2.    Reviews
3.    Compilations
Tax Services
To prevent interest and penalty charges for not filing on time any of the following:
1.    Sales Tax Returns
        a.    Monthly State
        b.    Monthly Municipal
        c.    Annual State
        d.    Merchant Registration
2.    Employment and Professional Services Related Tax Returns
         a.    Employer's Quaterly Returns

        b.    Annual Federal Unemployment

        c.    Reconciliation Statement of Income Tax Return

        d.    Withholding Statements (W-2)

        e.    Transmital of Withholding Statements (W-3PR)

        f.     Workers Compensation

        g.    Annual Informative Returns


3.    Annual Corporate Tax Returns

        a.    Income Tax

        b.    Estimated Tax Declaration

        c.    Corporate Annual Report

        d.    Personal Property Tax

        e.    Volume of Business


4.    Personal Tax Returns

        a.    Individual Income Tax

        b.    U.S. Self Employment Tax (1040-PR)

        c.    U.S. Individual Income Tax (1040)


Governmental Agency Transactions


Helpful assistance in those governmental process for required licenses and permits including:


1.    Incorporations

2.    Federal EIN Employer Number

3.    DTRH Employer Number

4.    Initial Volume of Business

5.    Municipal Traspasing of Volume of Business Permits

6.    Workers Compensation Premium

7.    And Others